Best Neighborhoods In Boston For Young Professionals

Boston is one of the oldest cities in America, yet it is a popular location for young professionals. And how can you blame them? Who wouldn’t want to be young with a full-paying salary living in a city with fabulous dining, trendy nightlife, and historic architecture? 

Boston has a lot to offer - and for those just graduating, entering the job market and real world can be overwhelming enough as it is. There’s hardly enough time to worry about the best neighborhood to find a place to live. 

We created this guide to cover some of the best Boston neighborhoods for young professionals, where you’ll find everything from information on crime rates to key cultural attractions.


Best places to live near Boston for young professionals

1. Back Bay/Beacon Hill

1 Bedroom Rent Price: $2,600

2 Bedroom Rent Price: $3,000


If you are single or a young professional, the Back Bay/Beacon Hill neighborhood has all the qualities you could ever want, including low crime rates (58% lower than the national average), high-quality restaurants, and close proximity to Downtown Boston.

While the neighborhood can be expensive, with a median monthly rent between $2,600- $2,800, you certainly get more in return with a high quality of living. Beyond great nightlife and restaurants, the area is home to Boston Common and Boston Public Gardens, two popular areas to relax for a weekend afternoon. It’s also walking distance to the Esplanade, Boston’s beautiful walking and biking path along the Charles River.


2. South End

1 Bedroom Rent Price: $3,315

2 Bedroom Rent Price:$3,900


With a fantastic cultural scene and a growing population of 27,600, the South End is an excellent Boston neighborhood for young professionals looking to find sophistication within a larger city environment.

The neighborhood is home to The Boston Center for the Arts, and the neighborhood prides itself on being one of the best cultural spots in the city. You’ll love the dense urban feel with gorgeous brick townhouses, local boutiques, parks, and foodie-adored restaurants as you walk around. On top of all that, there are also plenty of shops, artisan coffees, tea houses, and great wine bars. 

Another major perk to consider is that South End is 49% lower than the national average crime rate.

What’s not to love about a safe neighborhood with amazing food and culture?


3. Cambridge 

1 Bedroom Rent Price: $2,648

2 Bedroom Rent Price: $3,200


Home to both Harvard and M.I.T, Cambridge is an excellent Boston neighborhood for young professionals looking to be surrounded by intelligent peers in a college town setting. There are plenty of great cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, and museums to explore. 

Harvard Square is one of the most popular areas in the neighborhood for both tourists and locals. At the Square, you can find anything from street performances to prestigious architecture to delicious meals that would make all of your foodie friends jealous.


4. Allston-Brighton

1 Bedroom Rent Price: $1,895

2 Bedroom Rent Price: $2,400


Settled near both Harvard Business School and Boston College, the Allston-Brighton neighborhood is an excellent neighborhood for young professionals looking to continue their education or even just supplement with a few classes here or there. 

With a neighborhood population of 35,318, 64.55% of which are between 20 and 34 years old, this Boston neighborhood is also an excellent choice for young professionals looking to live in a lively, young location. Compared to other areas of Boston, this is one of the less expensive areas and is home to many college and grad students.

Of course, there is an excellent restaurant and nightlife scene, but there are also a number of excellent parks, such as the Chestnut Hill Reservation, where you can spend plenty of time outside with your pets or friends.


5. Somerville 

1 Bedroom Rent Price: $2,225

2 Bedroom Rent Price: $2,800


With most residents in their early 30s, Somerville is another great location for professionals looking to move into a lively community. Although the residents are young, Somerville is surrounded by 20th-century architecture. This combination creates a unique environment perfect for those looking to move to a younger neighborhood that maintains Boston’s historic feel. 

One of the key spots in Somerville is Davis Square. Here you’ll find some of the top boutiques, bars, and dining options available in Boston. The Square is also home to the famous Somerville Theater, where locals regularly catch indie films.


6. Dorchester

1 Bedroom Rent Price: $2,000

2 Bedroom Rent Price: $2,320


If you’re looking for one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Boston, then look no further than Dorchester. From reading at prestigious libraries to taking a relaxing walk near the waterfront, there are seemingly endless things to do in Dorchester. 

Home to Boston's University of Massachusetts, the Franklin Park Zoo and Golf Course, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, several different waterfronts, and community corridors, there are seemingly endless things to do in the neighborhood. Just imagine, you could go from exploring a prestigious library to taking a relaxing walk in the park to a night walk near the waterfront - all in the same night! 

Another great thing about Dorchester is the rent. Rent tends to average between $2,000 and $2,300, which is not an outrageous rate compared to some of the other expensive neighborhoods in Boston.


7. East Boston

1 Bedroom Rent Price: $2,525

2 Bedroom Rent Price: $3,000


As a young professional just starting your career, you might be interested in watching your budget. If so, then East Boston is a great neighborhood for you. And not just because the rent is cheap, the cost of living is on the city’s cheaper end with several local bars and eateries. There are also great outdoor activities to enjoy at Piers Park or Constitutional Beach. 

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that this neighborhood can be loud at times due to it being so close to the Logan Airport. Nothing major, but just something to note as you explore potential neighborhoods to move to.


7. South Boston (“Southie”) 

1 Bedroom Rent Price: $3,040

2 Bedroom Rent Price: $3,357


South Boston is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Boston, but it’s also a great place to live for young professionals. The neighborhood has been continually renovated over the past few decades and features a variety of entertainment and waterfront options. 

A major perk of living in Southie is the excellent access to downtown Boston. There’s also a strong sense of community in the neighborhood, providing a small-town feel within a big city. 

The Fort Point Channel Historic District is a great area for arts and entertainment. History buffs will also love living in South Boston. The Seaport District is where the Boston Tea Party took place and now features several excellent museums and restaurants.


Best Places to Live Near Boston for Young Professionals 

While East Boston is pretty cheap for Boston proper, if young professionals are interested in a great affordable neighborhood, Greater Boston is the place for them. Located just outside the city, the Greater Boston area has the widest variety of neighborhoods to choose from. So no matter your salary, living situation, or interests, there will be a neighborhood to fit your needs. 



Winthrop is an excellent neighborhood for young professionals with a family or those looking to settle down. Although not far from Boston, Winthrop doesn’t come with a major city vibe. The neighborhood is known for being a quaint, beautiful beach community. Perfect for children and pets. 

Another benefit of living in Winthrop is that it is close to the up-and-coming Suffolk Down neighborhood. Currently, in development, the Suffolk Down community will soon feature new shopping options and spacious outdoor areas for relaxation and recreation. 

Between enjoying a relaxing beach day, heading into the city proper, or enjoying a night out in the new Suffolk Down district, those living in Winthrop will have plenty of entertainment options.


Despite being only 15 minutes away from Boston, Malden has a great suburban feel. Malden is an excellent choice for those wanting to live in the suburbs but still work downtown. 

If you’re looking to keep driving to a minimum, Malden features the Malden Center Station and the Wellington Station MBTA Orange Line stops, offering transportation directly into Boston. Malden also features a lot of great shopping like the Malden Center Mall and many plazas featuring restaurants and shops.


Melrose is another excellent choice for young professionals looking to settle down and start a family and is known as a safe community with excellent schools. 

Another perk of living in the Melrose neighborhood is the public transportation. The neighborhood features three different commuter rail stations, bus lines, and an orange line station close by in Malden. These options provide residents with quick access to Boston or surrounding areas.


Get Some Tips on Choosing A Neighborhood As A Young Professional Moving To Boston

While there are several other neighborhoods in Boston that young professionals can consider living in, the above list is a great starting point. But each Boston neighborhood has so much to offer that it can be challenging to fit everything into an article. That’s where speaking with local experts can be extremely useful. 

If you're looking to relocate or just starting your search, contact GenTeam Property Group today! Our team will help you find the best neighborhood for whatever life stage you are at by considering factors such as commute time, nearby amenities like grocery stores and parks, and more. So which one of these Boston neighborhoods would be your ideal place to live?