Best Neighborhoods In Tampa For Families: 2022 Guide

best neighborhoods in tampa for families You may be worried about Florida not having the best reputation for safety, but safety isn't a significant concern if you know the right places to live. If you're looking for the best place to live in Tampa, you'll want to check out some of the neighborhoods listed below. From Palma Ceia to South Tampa, this article has you covered with the best spots for families in the area. Whether it's a safe neighborhood with great schools or a suburb that offers plenty of recreation and excitement, Tampa has what you and your family need.

Pros For Families Moving To The Tampa Bay Area

One of the biggest reasons to consider moving to Tampa is its benefits. This city has an excellent economy with zero state income tax. Tampa also boasts plenty of opportunities and attractions to help you and your family thrive in Florida. Remember, it will take some time to adjust when moving to a new city. But once you do, you'll be thankful for the opportunities available to your family in Tampa!

Tampa Neighborhoods For Families

Moving to another city can be daunting, especially when considering where to live. Of course, every home buyer wants a home that reflects their wants, but the perfect home lies in a neighborhood that reflects your family’s needs. Whether you're a family of five or a newly married couple, there's something for everyone to do in Tampa. Below, we'll explore some of these offerings in our list of the top six neighborhoods in Tampa for families.

1. Palma Ceia

Palma Ceia is one of the best places to live in Florida for families, with great parks and activities. Are you interested in outdoor recreation? There are many activities such as golfing, concerts, educational walks, and family picnics. You can even enjoy breathtaking views of the bay and downtown from Bayshore Boulevard. Palma Ceia is also home to Plant High School, one of the best quality schools in this location. Safety is also not an issue since the neighborhood's crime rate is 74% lower than Tampa's average. Besides, with a population of 6,779, most people tend to look out for each other in Palma Ceia.

2. Hyde Park

Charming and inviting, Hyde Park is a beautiful place for families to settle down. If you're looking for areas to wine and dine, shop, or enjoy the nightlife, you can find them here. The neighborhood has a population of 20,000, which is quite impressive as it draws lots of activities that families can enjoy. With the typical home falling in the range of $664,000 - $1.4 million, however, you should be prepared for the expensive lifestyle in this neighborhood. If you can afford it, you should consider living in Hyde Park. It's not only one of the best neighborhoods but, quite frankly, one of the safest as well.

3. New Tampa

As one of the fastest-growing locations in Tampa Bay, New Tampa is a neighborhood that families looking to settle should consider because it's considerably affordable. The median home value in this location is $289,400, which explains why the neighborhood is a red hot seller's market. New Tampa has many family-friendly locations to hang out, including restaurants, nature trails, shopping malls, and more. You will also enjoy various activities such as live music and several other events that bring families (both young and old) together. If you're considering buying a home in Tampa, you can use real estate agents to determine the best time to get an affordable deal.

4. West Meadows

With a population of approximately 15,00 people, this area is a hot catch for families looking to be in a growing area. The neighborhood has 12 residential communities - called villages - with a considerably suburban feel. A 35-acre community recreation center leaves you with exciting activities to keep your family busy. You can also give your children an excellent education thanks to the Hillsborough County Public Schools System. In addition, with a median home value of $252,300, you are sure to find a high-quality residence without having to break the bank.

5. Seminole Heights

Named by Forbes as one of the best places in Florida to retire, Seminole Heights is a peaceful and quiet place that you will love living in. The neighborhood is very affordable. In addition, it boasts a retro style making Seminole Heights preferable for both young and old families. The location of Seminole Heights makes it perfect for raising a family, considering that it's not so close to the bustle of downtown Tampa.

6. Downtown Tampa

When you think of raising a family, the chances are that the first area that would come to mind is Downtown Tampa. This is because it has a modern yet cozy style which most people find favorable. It's not just perfect for families but also retirees who prefer an easygoing lifestyle while enjoying access to all of the amenities city life has to offer.

Let an Expert Help Your Family Find Your Tampa Dream Home

If you are looking for a family-friendly neighborhood in Tampa, look no further. Our neighborhoods offer excellent schools, plenty of activities for kids, and friendly neighbors. Let GenTeam Property Group help you find your perfect home in one of these beautiful Tampa communities. We have years of experience helping families find the right home in the perfect neighborhood. So contact us today to get started!



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