Moving To Tampa? Where To Live, And the Pros and Cons to Consider

a guide on moving to tampa Home to over 165 parks and beaches, various entertainment theaters, and a diverse culinary scene, Tampa is undeniably one of the leading metropolitan areas in the Southeastern United States. Tampa is also home to Florida's largest and most important port.  With proximity to some of the best coasts in Florida, amazing all-year-round weather, and waterfront access, there is a lot to love about Tampa.  If you’re considering moving to Tampa, there are probably several questions like: 
  • Why move to the Tampa Bay Area? 
  • What’s the Tampa job market like? 
  • Which neighborhood best fits my needs? 
We’ll walk through all of these questions and more in this guide. Let’s get started. 

Why Move To The Tampa Bay Area?

Why should you consider living in the Tampa Bay area? To start, the area hosts hundreds of miles of pristine beaches and parks for outdoor lovers. Tampa also has world-class shopping centers, cultural districts, and professional sports teams to cheer on. Then, of course, there is excellent food! The area has been named "One Of The Best Food Cities In America" by Thrillist and "One Of The 10 Best Food Cities In America'' by Wallet Hub. Tampa Named One of the Top Places to Live According to Money Magazine, "Tampa ranks No. 1 on our list of best cities in Florida because it's affordable and diverse, with a rising job market,"  The thriving job market in Tampa is a significant factor in moving to this coastal city. Even if you currently have a job, it’s essential to move to cities with a strong job market which will help provide you with career options in the future. Fortunately, Tampa has a thriving economy that has been growing for years. Tampa also ranked no. 8 on the "Best Cities To Find a Job" list from

Where should you live in and near Tampa?

Here are some of the best locations that you should consider settling in if you are moving to Tampa:

1. Safety Harbor

If you are an arts and culture enthusiast, you will love Safety Harbor, thanks to unique locations such as the Museum & Cultural Center. Outdoor recreational enthusiasts also won't feel left out as the neighborhood has a variety of scenic waterfront parks to spend time in. Between the arts and outdoors, Safety Harbor hosts some of Tampa's best activities.  Safety Harbor is also affordable, with a median rent of around $1,319 per month. 

2. Clearwater

Clearwater is a popular neighborhood for retirees, but the area has a lot more to offer. There are many great school districts in Clearwater, making it an excellent neighborhood for families. There’s also direct access to Clearwater Beach, a great housing market, and a thriving job market.  Clearwater currently has a population of 115,159, with median rent being typically around $1,092 per month. 

3. Seminole

A suburb of St. Petersburg, Seminole is considered one of the best places to live near Tampa. There are a number of great cuisine options, as well as artisan coffee shops and parks in the area. Seminole is also only a five-minute drive from Madeira Beach.  Seminole is one of the smaller neighborhoods with a population of 18,657. Most residents in the area own their homes. If you’re not planning on buying, various affordable renting options have a median monthly rent of around $1,137. 

4. Brandon 

With a population of about 115,911, this Tampa suburb offers a suburban feel and a myriad of activities that you can enjoy. In addition, this neighborhood hosts a number of quality public schools in the area, making it an excellent spot for families.  Brandon is another area where most of the residents own their homes, but there are many renters. For those looking to rent, the median rent value is $1,271 per month.  

5. Wesley Chapel 

One of the most appealing facts about Wesley Chapel is the location and living accommodations. The neighborhood has many great parks and luxury communities, making it a great place for those looking to settle down in comfort.  Wesley Chapel is also considered one of the safest places in Florida’s West Coast. If you choose to settle here, you can buy or rent a home, depending on your plans. The median rent in Wesley Chapel is $1,481, and the median home value is around $231,600. 

What are the pros and cons of moving to Tampa?

You are probably curious to know what advantages and disadvantages are associated with moving to Tampa. Here are a few notable pros and cons to consider.  

Pros of living in Tampa

  • Affordable cost of living
  • A variety of neighborhoods to suit anyone
  • A rapidly growing economy
  • Downtown Tampa offers access to public transportation, water taxis, and bike-sharing
  • Gorgeous weather 
  • Great for those that enjoy spending time outdoors 
  • Family-friendly location
  • Most of the public schools in Tampa are highly-rated
  • Nightlife in the location is vibrant and fun
  • Access to historic areas, the aquarium, and local museums
  • Amazing cuisine for foodies 

Challenges of living in Tampa

  • You will most likely need a car and have to navigate traffic 
  • High insurance expenses since most locations are prone to flooding
  • You may have to deal with a lower wage rate
  • HOA fees can be a challenge
  • Alligators have been known to appear in ponds, streams, lakes, and other vast bodies of water
  • Tampa's cost of private education is a little bit on the higher end

Tips For Moving From Boston To Tampa

  • Make sure to determine your priorities
  • Check out the cost of living index for each location you consider before making a final decision
  • Search online for information about homes, schools, hospitals, and other essential resources near Tampa
  • Consider all of your expenses if you are moving. Do not forget tonnage taxes, insurance, and other everyday expenses
  • Consider factors like public transportation options, how far of a drive you are willing to make, the average commute time for your new neighborhood, and crime rates
  • Check local newspapers to determine how much it costs to live in that area
  • Do your homework if you are making this decision for someone else

Final Thoughts On Moving To Tampa

Tampa is a fantastic place to live if you are interested in a location with sunshine, fun, seaside views, and year-round entertainment. With the wide variety of neighborhoods, there are enough options to find precisely what you are looking for.  Just know that whether you are interested in an ideal suburban neighborhood or looking for a quiet location to enjoy some peace, Tampa has something for you! Contact us if you are looking to move to Tampa, Florida, or want an experienced team of real estate investors on your side for any home buying or selling needs. GenTeam Property Group is here for all your residential and commercial property needs in the Tampa Bay area!



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